Little Groovy Girls Go………..Digging for Dinosaurs

“Oh, I think we may need some help over here.” My Mama was sitting near a pile of exposed dinosaur bone marrow. She was just rubbing her hand through the rocks and pushing them to the side.

Looking for dinosaur bones is pretty cool, but pretty hot too.

We got ReAlLy lucky when we stumbled upon a patch of broken dinosaur bones and marrow in the bad lands of South-Eastern Montana outside of Glendive.


When my mom started sweeping, a ReAl DiNoSaUr bone started to emerge. We were both so excited. Mom said it was the best day EvAh. We both wanted to jump up and down.

I have a friend Ali and I really wished she could have been with me to see it. My mom said that we could mail her as many pieces of the other bones we found to her. (I did that right away the very next day! I think she will really like to see them! Maybe her mom will let her come out with me next summer!)


I had to sit and sweep FoReVeR to get the dirt from around the dinosaur bone. My mom did a lot of it but I helped. We had to put some hardener on it too and then wrap it in tinfoil and “roll” it out. We were really trying hard not to break it. The bone already had cracks and we didn’t want to lose any of the pieces! I think we are going to try and glue it together once we get back home. I want to show it to my friends and to my new friends at the new school I’ll be going to.


The scientist lady was really, really nice and she made sure we were doing the scientist work right. Mom told me later it is called excavating. She had been reading me books about it, but I forgot. I think I’ll remember now.

We got our DINOSAUR bone out as best we could! Mom keeps saying how cool it is we have a DINOSAUR bone! She says not too many people are lucky enough to say that!

She is also letting me share pieces with anyone I want. She says adventures are meant to be shared!

Whew! It was really hot working as a Paleontologist but pretty cool too. And we excavated REAL LIVE DINOSAUR BONES!

Groovy Girls Go…….On A Little Something Called A Dinosaur Dig!!



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