Groovy Girls Go……..East to Go West

Another weekend and another long run. I plan out the 16-17 mile route in my head as I fall asleep. I’m leaving from my childhood route in town and I’m carefully trying to construct something that may offer a new view. I drift off to sleep, nothing new having sprung up, but then again, it’ll be a new day and so I’m content.

The sun and sky are perky as I lace up on the front porch thankful for a relatively cool start to this run. I grab my water bottle, I sunblock-up, and spring off the step to start my run on my typical route that leads me past the rush of the Yellowstone river during my first mile. It doesn’t matter how un-inspired I may be, or how difficult it was to get out of bed, once I hear the rush of the water and see the sun glimmer off the rushing water bouncing off of the rocks; it’s a good day and an even better run.

As my run grows in the miles I click off, I take my Tulley Toes out towards the East side of town, down and around a bin where I rustle up some Turkey and climb a bit of a hill, out of the valley, and then turn over a bridge to look back over the sleeping town. The sky just seems bluer in the morning, or maybe it’s because I’ve gotten to this view by my own means, sweat, and muscle. I take a moment to appreciate the rocks, the clouds, the blue, the sounds, the smell (and no, not just me ;). I’ve run up this about a gazillion times, but the view never ceases to take my breathe away. Who knew, when I was a kid, I was so lucky to literally be able to run myself up a road and see a bit of heaven as I looked out into the Big Sky?

I’ve still got miles to run and suddenly an idea is sprung! About 8 miles out the other side of town there’s a natural water spring. That’ll put me with five miles left in my long run and a perfect time to refill my water bottle. I smile and now I know my route. Even though I had started running East, it was never to late to go West. And so, with a spring in my step, I knew my way.

It would seem, that even when we think we know our route, we never really know our route……..that is until we start.

Groovy Girls Go……..Even If They Don’t Know, Because That’s The Only Way To Know



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