Part Next: Groovy Girls Go………Up A Missoula, Montana Mountain

Groovy Girls Go………..Up a Missoula, Montana Mountain

I looked to my right at the rugged rock that had been blown away to create this road that went up the SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN! I was desperately scanning for the rope that must have been left for me to hoist myself up this……this……this……Mountain!

Wait, maybe it wasn’t thrown back down after the people in front of me climbed up ‘this’ because surely there would not be a straight up the side of a mountain stretch between miles 13-16 in this thing? But oh; wait, I suppose it is Montana and I suppose Missoula is located in the Rocky Mountains, and so I suppose this isn’t a joke. And, I suppose in order to keep on, keepin’ on, I’m going to have to go up the side of this ‘thing’. At least the age old saying of what goes up, must surely go down will hold true too.

Ok, so anyone who reads the course map gets the story of a scenic and ‘Montana Flat’ course that runs along the beautiful Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana. The course, which has a sparkly start as the fireworks get lit in the shimmer of the sun rising while the moon takes a bow will have every Montana running dream come true on this course.

The cannon fires and the runners explode down an old country road connecting two small towns. The mountain lining either side of this stretch, as the sun and moon play peak-a-boo between the Mountain peaks and valleys. Quite fitting as there is never a 26.2 mile journey without a sprinkling of both peaks, and valleys. It’s the power of our own soles, fueled by these soul filling glimmers of beauty, hope, and everything good that we expect from the start of a fresh new day and a brand new race that streak across the sky. A chance to better ourselves as we dig deep to find what makes us stronger than we may think we are. A journey that will lead us to our own promise land, otherwise known as the finish line.

Looking one last time right to see that there magically was no rope placed out for me, I needed to change my attitude as the altitude changed. I looked left to change my perspective and sure as I was in Montana, I saw all I needed. There, tucked behind a few pines, was a spur wearing cowboy, big white cowboy hat, a big white lasso, riding on a big white horse. My Montana knight in shining boots tipped his hat, which tipped over my frown, and kept me smiling in my Montana moment, right through to the end.

Groovy Girls Go……..Collecting a Very Cowboy Montana Moment



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