Groovy Girls Go…….The Day Before

Groovy Girls Go……….The Day Before

The day before a race for many is often a day filled with rituals and planning. The bigger the race, the bigger the rituals it would seem. It’s a day already out of most runner’s norms because, if you’re out of town, you’re already at the mercy of the travel Gods.
Can you get a good night sleep on an unfamiliar bed?
How’s the food?
Can you walk or get transportation easily to and from where you need to go?
How big is the expo?
How far do you have to walk? Can you stay off your feet?
Are you trying to accommodate others?
Did you remember all the right gear and fuel?

The questions needing to be answered can go on and on and on and on…..

I’m not all that fancy and I try to be flexible. Still, there are a few things I do try and uphold.

Stay off my feet.
Eat as much “real” and un-greased or restaurant food as possible.
Sleep in, but NEVER NAP!
Don’t eat too much of the freebie samples at the expo.
Take cards of the things I love at the expo, if I still love it after we leave I can always get in touch.
Get up 15 minutes earlier than I think I need.

The day before I try to speak kindly and honestly and keep the nerves at bay. Running may be a part of who we are, but it’s still a lot of work. It’s a lot of sacrifice of other ‘funs,’ and a lot of miles and correct drinks and foods and sacrificed late-night activities that allow one to toe the line.

I try and give myself credit for all that work and do what I can, to help myself, toe that line the next day with a smile and as good a chance to have a good run as possible!

Groovy Girls Go………Curious…..What do you do the day before races?


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