Groovy Girls Go………Right Back Around

Groovy Girls Go……… Round in a Circle

As I head out for a run around Blacktail Lake in Williston, North Dakota I wonder what had me so excited to be heading out to go round and round and round in circles? The sky was beautiful with feathery layers of clouds rhythmically traveling across the prairie. They gave some relief to the rising temps that farmers love once the growing season has passed. The hot temperatures just in time to golden the wheat in preparation of the harvest. But I’m in appreciation of the clouds because there is just a round gravel and treeless dirt road ahead of me for the next 12 miles.

Today, I was starting where I was going to end. Nothing new for runners. And I wondered what it was that made this still exciting? Probably that same ‘it’ factor that keeps a basketball player lacing up for another game. A soccer player running sprint repeats in anticipation of the next match-up. Even a scrabble player, who regardless if dealt the same exact letters, would never play the same game twice. For a runner, even if it’s the same circle again, and again, and again, no two runs are ever the same. THAT is why it’s exciting to repeatedly lace up, even if it’s for the same circle.

Ironically, it’s family that brought me to this circle, and it’s our homes that many of us circle back to in life. I’m no different than many others circling back to the comforts of my home for long periods of time in the summer. I crave the constant of the familiar. The slow-town pace of the small town. Even though every aspect, in many ways, has changed. Many aspects, in many ways, hasn’t changed a bit. My aunts still all squeal with glee when they see familiar faces come through the doors. My daughter still runs behind me and hides behind my skirt in shyness, knowing that in an hour, she’ll be running independently with her cousins. We’re both safe inside the circle of familiarity, family, and friends.

This is how my circle begins. Coming home to family. An unending, un-breakable bond, that even of we don’t always embrace, it’s perpetually there.

Circles bring people back. Coming back gives you a new chance to go forward. And sometimes, new chances are all we need to make the next go-around a little better. And so I run in circles around Blacktail, smiling each time I complete the journey, thankful for the chance to do it again.

Groovy Girls Go………Back Again So I Can Come Back Again

** Hope I did right by you Aunt Kathy


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