Groovy Girls Go ….. Dear Boy

Dear Running Boy,

Well, nameless running boy, feel that sunshine and the heat of the day starting to set in. I realize this isn’t the best time to start a run, however, my daughter and I had some playing to do this morning and this is the time it is now. So, I run, and I see that you are running too.

We seem to be on the same path dear sweaty-muscle-tanned-and-no-shirt-but-lotsa-gadgets-boy. As I reach the flip around point in a back-dead-end neighborhood I wonder if you’re trying to catch me? Whether you are or are not, I’m certainly not going to make it easy for you. I can go a little faster despite the heat.

As we pass on this out-and-back neighborhood, I notice your eyes catching a glimpse of my running skirt. Don’t be fooled. Don’t let the skirt fool you into a lull. You’re going to have to push hard and run even harder to get any closer to this skirt.

I know I don’t look like much… watch, a skirt, ponytail, a cotton t, no glasses, but I run; and I’m going to stay running in front of you. This won’t be easy, for either of us and I’m ok with that.
I turn a corner, I notice you’re still behind me. I push it a little harder. I know there are some rolling hills coming up on this road. I wonder how you run hills? I stay steady and keep on – keepin’ on! I like this partnership we’ve got going on. I like that we’re both out running, during the heat of the day, silently pushing one another. There’s a challenge in the air that’s been accepted by both, an unspoken commitment to a nameless training partner.
On the books there may be no official winner, however in our running reality, it would seem like we both are champs. Despite me not letting you gain any ground on the skirt and ponytail, you’re not letting me let up.
The neighborhoods twist, roads intersect, cars honk, and yet we keep on it. Never once do I even turn around; it’s just a sense. I wind back up one more hill and fly down the backside landing sweatily back at home. My finish line is a little girl and her friends who’ve set up a lemon aid stand on the corner. First one there…………



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