Groovy Girls Go …… Catching a Coach

So I look forward to Tuesdays all week long.  I run as fast as my little five foot legs will carry me.  I laugh loud.  I hug everyone I see.  I cool down by making sure I hug as many of my friends as I can get around to.  However, in the chase, I usually run alone.  I can’t keep up with the “fast” group out in front of me.  I do what I can to keep them in site for as long as I can, and then I usually end up going my own way because more often than not I have no idea the real route.  

Then one day this girl showed up and I kept up.  

The days were short, the streets were sloppy, the puddles were deep, but we ran fast.  Luckily I’ve ran the route we were on many times and knew the safest way to get us around the city and kept the girl on my shoulder.  We didn’t talk much those first few runs. It was cold, dark, wet, and we were each working to keep up with one another.  It was fun.

So the next Tuesday when she showed up again, I kept up again.  We talked a bit and I picked up quickly that this was a girl who knew her running “stuff” and despite the age difference, I knew this girl could be my teacher.  And so it has gone on for months.  And with the passing of time, like many things in life, I’m not sure when it happened but we’ve become friends.   

I believe that those who are suppose to be in our lives, come to us and hang out for as long as they’re meant to.  The timing of Coach Stefanie into my life has been a fun opportunity.  The weather has broken, our runs have now turned hot, and she sends me texts to remember to bring water and in the case that I haven’t (which I haven’t) she equips me with the extra one she’s brought.  

She’s a sincerely caring person and I love to listen to her passion towards her coaching and her work with new (and veteran) runners.  I’ve said it before and I’m not too proud to say it again, I learn most from those who know more…..and this girl knows a lot more! 

Stay tuned, this is one up and coming Detroit Runner that we’re all going to be glad I chased……she’s a great catch!

Check her out:


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