Little Groovy Girls Go …….. For Treasure

Did you know that there is a local band of pirates that set out gold treasure on Father’s Day?


When my mom told me this I knew I wanted to go out with my Dad to find the Gold Da Blooms and see if we could spot any sneaky pirates!  The pirates leave the gold along the edge of the river near their pirate flag, so we needed to get a canoe to venture out on this here Treasure Hunt.

I got to sit in the middle of the canoe and my job was to keep a look out for the pirate flags and treasure and then call out, “Ahooooy, Treasure!”  We’d paddle to shore and then I’d collect the gold da-blooms so we could continue after those scurvey dogs who’d hid the treasure!



We (or I mean my Mom and Dad) paddled up stream and the wind was blowing really strong.  Our mangy crew did manage to navigate the waters well and we went around a lot of other people who didn’t row as hard.  My momma said she was our secret weapon.  I kept reading the treasure map after each coin we found and then told my parents where to go next.


We were on the water with a new friend I made too.  Her name is Samantha.  I have seen her twice this summer.  My mom knows her dad and we seem to like to do the same kinds of things.  I hope she comes over to my house to play sometime.  We could make up our own treasure hunt since we know how to do it now!  I think it would be fun to have all the kids in the neighborhood looking for buried treasure!

Getting to the final gold coin and the buried treasure seemed to take a medium long time.  They didn’t want to make it too easy for us.  The pirates did leave behind a goody bag for the kids who discovered the final treasure chest.  I wondered why the adults didn’t get one because they did all the work, except reading the map.  Maybe because I was treasure enough for my Dad on this Father’s Day adventure!


Arrrrrgggghhhhh – Me Mayte


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