Groovy Girls Go …… Never Regretting

I’ve never regretted the run; that is once I’m out on the run.  I’m no different than a million other runners out there who get up in what seems like the middle of the night to squeeze in a few miles before the day explodes.

This morning was no different.  The music on my alarm sarinaded me awake and I stumbled into the bathroom to dress as quietly as possible while tripping over myself, dropping my toothbrush, banging the door, and wacking the cabinet.  Since I didn’t slam any doors I’m calling it a success.   My daughter sleeps soundly through this runnerly ritual, sometimes I get a one eye look over, but once she sees my running clothes, she just rolls that eye closed and drifts back to kid-koma.

My eyes however are beginning to focus a bit more and I’ve got but one question;  Just how menacing does that Friday the 13th full moon look?

I set off to find out and I’m not disappointed.  Once I’m out the door, it’s too late, I’ve got but one option……to run…….and I’ve never regretted it.  I start a little wobbly, my head jerking all around to get a glimspe of this mystical moon, dancing behind a fluffly sea of clouds.  I decide on a route that’s going to get me best viewing for this special event.  I’m giddy as if I’ve just scored front row seats to the best show in town on a spur of the moment lottery pick.  Then I run.

There’s always a reason to do, or not to do.  I try however to play the “to do” reason a little louder.  Today’s ‘to do’  was the full moon on Friday the 13th.  Tomorrow’s ‘to do’  will be something else, and likely, the day after that it’ll be something else.  The beauty of life is that you can always chose to ‘to do’ and there’s always new reasons that show themselves, if you’re willing to stumble, crash, bang, trip, and fall in order to keep those eyes open long enough to see it.

And so today, as I turned my last corner, I saw on one side a full moon, in all it’s eerie glory, peaking out from behind traveling whisps of clouds………in complete contrast I saw the sky to my other side painted a brilliant and happy pink with white whispers……….and so, which way to go  now?

Groovy Girls Go …….. Either Way, With No Regrets


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