Groovy Girls Go …… Honestly

When we run we often put it all out there:  our breathe, our strength, our goals, our stories, our everything we’ve got in that moment.  It’s the best of times and it’s often the worst of times; usually at the same time.  We learn to push past fatigue.  Cleanliness is relative to the factors of the run and sometimes tears can be mistaken for sweat.  

While out running, it dawned on me why I really seek out other runners to be the everythings in my life….running’s honest.  Everything about running is honest.  If you’re not putting in the miles, your lungs will burn insanely.  If you’re not putting in the speed work, you wont be fast. If you don’t put in the miles, you wont go the distance. If you don’t nourish your body you wont finish.  If you don’t lace up you’ll never run a step.  

There’s nothing about running that can be faked.  It doesn’t mean every run is going to go perfectly, but the runner will be able to honestly give it a go at least.  The runner will know that not every run is going to go their way, but they don’t quit, they just go the way of the day and then the next day; they go again.  

Groovy Girls Go ……… Honestly Everyday


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