Little Groovy Girls Go ……… Getting Froggy

“Momma, look what I found!”

It’s not even summer and it’s the summer of frog catching.  Everything in my backyard that can be turned upside down, filled with mud, leaves, and rocks has been……all in the name of making a good habitat for the frogs that are being “caught.” 

That’s the blessing, and the curse, of the being the teacher / mamma that works across the hallway from the daughter.  I always know what she is learning about and I’m always tucking books into her book basket to support the content area at her “just right” level.  (This is a fancy teacher way of saying books she can actually read the words to, not just scan the pictures.)

And so, one day I was drug across the hallway to see the tadpoles that had come in.  After a long weekend I was drug in to see that the tadpoles had not made it.  And so is the circle of life.  So instead of letting her class not experience frogs, Montana dutifully went into the back swamp and found some frogs to take into school to show her classmates what the tadpoles could have become.  

We happen to have a couple of little fishtanks that easily converted into frog habitats and so now, because often those little hopsters escape, the search is always on.  This was evident during our last weekend up at Houghton Lake where Montana found a frog and played with him, fed him the insects that she had learned they ate from her books, and brought him home to show the neighborhood kids how big he was.  Big Hops now resides peacefully in the marsh behind our house and we listen to him croak each night a lullabye to us from our deck…….I’m certain one day she’ll be lifting up a rotting log or turning over a dripping leaf and there he will be, ready to play again.

But until then………Little Groovy Girls Go……….Hopping AlongImage

Montana Skye Tulley with her Groovy Frog and her Silly Friend up at Houghton Lake, Michigan.


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