Groovy Girls Go……….Or Sit

Sitting out on the kayake, watching the beams of light shimmer through the puffs of feathery clouds, water calm, quiet, the sparkle of the rays like diamonds off the water…….I look up and out and for the first time I am as close to the “Big Sky” since being home in Montana.

There’s still a pretty good reason to get up before the masses, even if its not to run. But, to be outside, one with nature, disturbing nothing, and appreciating everything. I had paddled out into the middle of the lake, straight out from my peacefully sleeping daughter, so as to be seen, and then I just sat. I looked up, I looked out, I watched the clouds change shape and keep on keepin on……stunning.

It was everything it should have been. A chance to be in gratitude of this beautiful time spent with friends. It was a chance to be alone when absolutely not alone. It was a chance to reflect on this past year and look forward to summer adventures.

There’s nothing to be other than hopeful and thankful when surrounded by such beauty and such big sky.

Groovy Girls Go……..Under a Watery Big Sky



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