Groovy Girls Go…….To Give Out Homemade Water

Aside from watching people run a course that I would probably, no I mean, I would ABSOLUTELY love; I instead was a part of 300 people who made it possible for over 1500 others.  Yes, we were part of the “Just Finish” water stop that was situated so we were able to see many runners often and then saw all the half marathoners right before they got to “just finish.”  


The day was a beautiful day for a run, which made it a beautiful day to be a volunteer.  The sky was bright blue, the clouds were just fluffing along, there was a slight breeze, and the birds……well, wait…….you couldn’t hear the birds chirping because we could only hear Ken Davenport laughing his laugh up and over the hill.

So we started the race early and rushed down to find the source of the laugh, because were there is Ken there is surely beverages to be found and Downtown Runner and Walker friends to be found…….and subsequently, we were found!  

There’s nothing better than volunteering at a race where you know you’re going to be a part of the reason that your friends finish.  It’s a great thing to be a part of this running gang, and it’s even better that it doesn’t always have to be me toeing the line.  Handing out the free, endless supply of homemade water, or at least handing it out to most of the runners……….made for enough crazy stories that we laughed from set up to tear down.   



It’s often hard to relay how a complete stranger, jirating, spilling water on himself, spewing out the most random things, can be absolutely side splitting, but it is.  

So, with only a few days left in my 26.2 days of rest, i used one to volunteer at a race where my friends had a tough course to push through.  It was great to see them all come up and be the one to tell them that they really were just about to finish, (only a half mile to go) and it really was all down hill………… if the free, homemade water didn’t make them smile, that surely did.

Groovy Girls Go………Back to the Beach to Volunteer 



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