Groovy Girls Go………Our First Role Models

The first woman who loved me, my first friend, my first role model, the first voice in my head as I raise my own strong daughter is my mom. Growing up, small town, Montana was such a blessing. Everything was available to me, including her. I have to say what I remember, without question is my mom always being home before school and always being that constant when I returned home.
Now, to this very moment, we laugh as mornings are in no way her specialty, but I never questioned her in the afternoon. We came home, walking, running, biking, skipping, the mile trek from school to a snack, chores, homework, and then the things that we loved!
We may not have ever even known our real passions, but all us kids sure thought it was something outside……because that’s where you would find us. We either went back out to play, practiced a sport, did 4-H, or studied some academic subject.
I just recently laughed-out-loud at my growing up memories of me playing a random assortment of sports, joining a plethora of clubs, theater, business clubs, summer camps, friends… big as the Big Sky is, I thought my world was. We may not have really had much of anything, but my world was full, and I was certain I had it all (except one of those ugly Cabage Patch Kids but I didn’t really want one anyways…..I liked Care Bears better.)
And so, here I find myself 20 years out of High School and all I want to do is go back home, have my mom cook for me, run that scorio track, make wishes on the stars at night, float the river, walk the farm, read, write, and be a momma.
I had a great role model. She dedicated her life to us kids and the concept of family in every way she knew how.
I love that I can’t think of Friday without thinking of watching the Dukes of Hazards after having helped make and eat tacos as a family. And there you have it, my go-to meal to make is tacos….because when I think of people coming together to make magic I think tacos.
I chuckle as I tell my friends with only one daughter I only have one chance to “screw it up.” But truth is I’m doing everything in my power to be the momma that I had and maybe a little more. Because isn’t that what we all want… give our own kids just a little better life than maybe we had? However, if I’ve learned anything from my mom, I’ve learned simpler is better and if you really need it, it will come. Rub some dirt in it, shake it off, and keep going. Laugh so damn loud that people ask you to sush…..tell stories with passion and live so that you have passionate stories to tell.

Groovy Girls Go…………..Back to Thank Mom…….We’ll see you soon


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