Little Groovy Girls Go……..Writing Too

Not Just Like…….LOVE!!

“I don’t just like writing, I LOVE to write. I love to write about what me, you and Daddy do.” Says Spencer First Grader, Montana Skye Tulley. “I get to write everyday and my Teacher confers with me, that means she helps me be a better writer.”

Writing Workshop is the method of teaching delivery for Brighton Area Schools and allows the student authors a chance to turn their lives into powerful stories for the world to read. It’s an authentic way to build an excitement for writing because kids learn to see everything they do in their life as a possibility of a meaningful story that can be shared and spotlighted.
Because the Workshop Style of teaching crosses grade levels seamlessly, all students have experienced the vocabulary and structure, so its a perfect way for cross grade level mentoring to happen as well.

Alea Krasiwiech, a Brighton Eighth Grader, is seen here listening in to the teacher/ author conference. After Spencer First Grade teacher, Mrs. Kahl, moves on to confer with another author, she will then be able to continue supporting the young writer with making her story juicer and filled with more vivid details that will grab any reader and keep them engaged in the piece.

“I like to write because later I get to snuggle with my Mama and read what I wrote about the things we do, that make us happy,” Montana says. Alea enjoys helping out First Graders because she had a teacher in First Grade at Lindbom that loved to teach writing and it brings back good memories.

Little Groovy Girls Go…….With a Pen



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