Groovy Girls……..Went

Groovy Girls Go…….26.2 Days of Recovery

So I put the question out there, with what I could, or should, do as I recover after running the Boston Marathon. I know more than anyone just how difficult it can be to take time off. I also know that some people run countless races and never take a day off. I suppose we all do what works for us and our lives…..I always try and remind myself that I want to run for life, and believe that my body needs to recover after tough races or runs. And Boston is tough.

Rick Leedy took this shot as my legs were 'shot' and I am just about to cross those Tulley Toes over the line.

Rick Leedy took this shot as my legs were ‘shot’ and I am just about to cross those Tulley Toes over the line.

I’ve always said that it is deceivingly tough. That course has tore up my quads five for five years, despite how or what I use to train. So, I run my heart out, I respect the course, and I absorb all that was positive and inspiring about the experience. I wouldn’t have traded this year for anything. There will never be, God willing, an experience like I had this year in my lifetime and I’m a strong enough runner to get myself there by my own Tulley Toes.

But now, what do I do to recover these quads, my spirit, and live the other passions in life I have.
I started first with recovery my spirit by meeting my friends, Nettie and Zac after the race under the letter T. There we hugged, cried, stumbled, gagged, re-hydrated, and made our way towards a delicious New England ocean feast.

With two of my favorite people in life....Nettie and Zac

With two of my favorite people in life….Nettie and Zac


Afterwards we went on to my friend’s home who were waiting for us with more hugs, stories, a fire, wine, and above all laughter. My daughter called me and her child-like voice was the sweet twinkle in the beautiful night sky that was leading me towards all things after race-runnerly- good.
With my soul quickly recovered, I scheduled a massage with my therapist, Steve, at Tri-Covery massage and flexibility. He assessed me and then took gentle care of working out the muscles and beginning the healing process. And I walked out in all ways better!

Tri-Covery Massage and Flexibility 43155 Main St#2210c Novi, MI  48375

Tri-Covery Massage and Flexibility
43155 Main St#2210c
Novi, MI 48375

Now, what do I do?
I plan dinner and a night out with friends I’m so eager to see that I feel like a squeaky school girl when I first lay eyes on them! We all agree to meet up at the Detroit Institute of Arts to not only enjoy the city we love, but a local band is playing in the court that we can enjoy. More friends come and the best recovery; hugging, is not scarce.

A well deserved, late night out, with another fantastic lady, Heidi

A well deserved, late night out, with another fantastic lady, Heidi

My daughter is back into soccer and though I may not have any idea what the rules are in soccer, I sure can clap, smile, and wooo-hooo for my daughter who has so often done the same for me at races. I have a saying, “Be those you love’s BiGgEsT FaN.” I would never want a spectator see me at an event where cheering is the norm and have them not know who I’m a fan of!

Love cheering this Little Groovy Soccer Girl on

Love cheering this Little Groovy Soccer Girl on

We schedule a sleep over with friends for the weekend that hasn’t happened enough since Boston training started. I cleaned and dusted the house! We sat on the couch snuggling and reading together under a blanket while sipping cocoa and coffee.
I was able to say yes to watching my friend’s baby, with no hesitation, or time constraints, to the guy who was hoping to take his wife out on a date! I adore people who adore people, and watching this couple look at each other, eager to be In each other’s company was so special!
I’m exchanging my run-club minutes for Mother’s Day gala minutes……and not that I don’t want to see my running friends, I will be back in the Marathon training soon enough. Time away makes the heart grow fonder I’m told 😉
I’ve done one run with a friend I haven’t been able to coordinate with for years and my heart was filled with joy.
I’ve written down memories, I’ve sent thank you’s for kindnesses I may never have adequate words to express. I’m helping out at an appreciation lunch at work and I planned a celebration for my students and my intern, that allowed me to see again just how much I love and appreciate all that I surround myself with at work.
Next weekend is filled to the brim with birthday parties, Derby parties, school carnivals, and my favorite spring event; the Fairy Festival in honor of May Day!
Ill teach another group of students of the tradition of May Day. It’s something special from my childhood that I don’t often hear children speak of or practice in Michigan. I look forward to showering our little corner of the world with flowers, color, and good scents!

Everything's Better When You're a Fairy

Everything’s Better When You’re a Fairy

I can’t believe that Boston was only a week ago. Running holds such a special place in my heart………but so does the Recovery and all the special blessing and adventures it holds for me too.

So, don’t cheat yourself of the recovery time. A wise runner once told me a mile for every day you raced! Cheers to 19.2 more glorious – and well earned days!

Groovy Girls………Will Go Again, But Not Until We’ve Recovered

I went......

I went……


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