Art and Ego.

…..bared a “piece” of their soul …….

Sean Paraventi

I stopped in at The Detroit Institute of Art last week, for the first time in a long time. As you know, the DIA has been in the news a lot lately, and not for good reasons. Are we going to lose it because of Detroit’s bankruptcy? Are they actually going to auction of some or all of these works of art? There is a new story in the newspaper on virtually a daily basis.

This painting is entitled, “The First State Election In Detroit, Michigan 1837“. I’d like to think things have gotten better but…

first state election

Now, I know very little about art. I can barely tell the difference between a Van Gogh and a Van Halen. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate art, though. At least some of it. Quite honestly, some of the works at the DIA I did not get. They left me bewildered and scratching…

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