Groovy Girls Go……..Ironically

The fact that the first days we have seen sun, dry pavement, and above freezing temps…’s time to tapper! So we’ve all humped it outside in the worst winter in however long the experts tell us……and now I want to get outside, and its tapper time.

So, what’s a girl to do?

A two week tapper! The Hal Higdon Boston Marathon program that I’ve used in my past experiences with winter training luckily only has us tappering for two weeks! Wahoooooooo!
…..and who says things never go my way??!!

So, I’ve given myself permission to train one last week before calling it time to rTr = rest ~ Tapper ~ recover.

Recover from all of those sloppy footing runs. Recover from the 18 mile trail race that resulted in my first lost toenail. Recover from 20 milers where, for every mile I jumped Into at least one snow drift to avoid being hit by a car. Recover from personal sadnesses through longer runs. Recover from a lot of miles logged on a tred mill while Tana watched cartoons on a blaring T.V. When we were snowed in together. Recover from Pirirormis issues that I thought would cause the end to my running. Recover……….

Tapper is the scientific – runner – terminology that many runners want to ignore. But, if you truly follow, is scientifically proven to actually do more for your marathon than a long run. Tapper

Rest from the early mornings where my eyes opened and saw either 5am or 4 am by my own hands setting my own alarm. Rest from early mornings on the weekends so I could get long runs in, in time to get play dates in. Rest from squeezing in miles while I boiled macaroni for dinner so we could get out the door in time to get to the book fair (fed). Rest from getting up early enough to get a run in, still make cinnamon rolls, and correct papers for my job. Rest

And so, training for one extra week isn’t going to make or break my race. My race is buried in the ‘feets’ of snow we all endured, but persevered through. I loved every snow day, and I loved every adventure. It wouldn’t really be the Tulley way if things went ‘easy’…. Doesn’t really seem my lot in life……and so I have one more week to squeeze in the sun (or the cold) before I officially Tapper for my fifth Boston Marathon!

How lucky am I?!?!?!

Groovy Girls Go…….Pretty Darn Lucky!



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