Groovy Girls Go……20+ closer to Boylston

Of course the day I decide to do my final 20 miler for Boston the weather is sleeting down ice pellets for every stride of the way. This wasn’t really the final “Hurrah” that I was hoping for, but it is what it is.

Just the day before I had finished my 26.2 miles of prayer intentions for my traditional Boston shirt so I had plenty of good thoughts going through my head that really made the miserable weather not seem so miserable. It’s such a good feeling to be healthy enough to be able to move my body for such a long distance and I love thinking about all of the great people that make up my village. As I was typing up my list yesterday, I leaned over to a friend who was looking over my shoulder and I commented how fortunate I was that I had such great people in my life! I need to run longer distances to have more miles for prayer intentions.

And so I ran long today! When it sleeted, I ran. When it rained, I ran. When it blew, I ran. When it did all three I still ran because that’s what I do. I don’t quit and I don’t give less than my best. I keep my word and that is to get these Tulley Toes to Boylston and so that’s what I plan to do. On the wings of Angels and on the good thoughts of those who love me, and whom I love……all my roads lead to Boylston.

Groovy Girls Go……..20 closer to Boylston


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