Groovy Girls Go…….Not In Name Alone

When will a run, or a walk, or a bike, or a step, be the one that changes everything?

Each and every run will become its own story, adventure, and treasure, to be as meaningful as we want to allow.
Runs today, however, seem to be over-burdened with having to be “named” there are your:

Tempo Runs
Hill repeats
Mile repeats
Shake-out Runs
Recovery Runs
Long Runs
Junk Miles
Race Pace
Flat and Fast
Base Run
Progression Run
Track Days
Active Recovery

……and of course my FaVoRiTe; Chase Fast Boys

Yet, I love nothing more than to just get out and R-U-N. This, no-adjective-run, to me is the gem above all others. I love those first steps out my door, or even on my tred mill, where I get to just let my legs take over. I love letting my mind wander, allow my senses to observe the world around me, think, replay great moments, plan out next adventures, make wishes, and be present in the treasure of my present.

Now, I know enough, to know, that I couldn’t have race goals and never think about the quality or ‘name’ of my run…..I just want to be flexible enough to not miss the ultimate running adjective, which I believe to be; BaLaNcE.

I want the runs where I push my body to go up that steep ass hill again, and again, and again, and again.

I want to be disciplined enough to go to bed early to be rested to kill the final 20 miler before a marathon.

I don’t personally believe in anything other than honestly resting on a rest day and so you’ll never catch me shaking out or active recovery. Seems like an oxymoron and asking for trouble.

Race Pace gives me the confidence to know that if I can nail it for 16 then next time I can nail it at 18 and each time I nail it, I’m getting closer to nailing it for 26.2.

I want to plan a great lunch so I’ll be properly fueled on a Tuesday to get me through a gut-tough-run of Chasing Fast Boys.

I love the miles when I can talk and catch up and keep up with friends.

I love the runs when all I can do is gasp and desperately try and keep up with friends.

Truth be told …… I love to run them all. I’m thankful for my over-planning friends because I love learning from them and being flexible enough to always be able to tag along. I enjoy deeply being in the presence of more disciplined runners, who know more, and are willing to share. I hang on every researched and analyzed word and work-out.

And one day, I hope that I’m self-less enough that another runner passes along some Tulley nuggets. And with any luck, it may be to: embrace each step, keep eyes wide open, and that in every run make sure to find the fun, and of course, always run well rounded work-outs that lead to well rounded stories!

Groovy Girls Go………In the Name of the Run, What More In The Name Of The Run (and yes the song is playing through my head 😉


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