Groovy Girls Go …. To Find Treasures

Running is so often, a treasure in itself! However, when you’re out on a long run and you look down and you find someone’s “fancy car” car keys, you’ve really struck gold!

The weekend of my St. Patrick Day’s long run was filled with running treasures for me. Every reason I run was packaged up with a green bow for me. The time and place of my friends running long, aligned with what I could do as a runner-mama. The guys took off and I did what I do, chased them.

We took to the hills, because they are what will indeed be the path that leads me in to Boylston Street. New people are always fun. The stories of runner’s lives always fascinates me. The “what got you out of bed on this below zero freezing morning to run” fascinates and inspires me! If I listen more than I talk, I’m never disappointed and today was no different.

Running on a weekend that’s filled with the hope of finding gold, I found “fancy car” car keys and I knew I was going to be someone’s lucky day.

We’re all put in places and spaces, in the moments we are meant to be there, attending to the present, and in this case, so I could be a present. A “fast boy” up ahead was in his runnerly zone and un-lucky for him, had a hole in his pocket. The key found the hole, and then found itself on the road. I watched the key bounce on the black-top and the runner bounce away. I picked up the key and called out to him, but he didn’t hear me and so I was again, forced to continue pushing myself, in order to stay in range, so I would be able to get him back his car keys.

Even in his own mis-fortune, I was able to be his runnerly Lucky Charm. And so we ran on…… him fast, me chasing, trying to go faster……until he stopped……panicked……..and then found his own little pot-o-gold resting gently in the palm of my hand.

Groovy Girls Go ……. And Even Sometimes Find a Car ……

St. Pat


Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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