Groovy Girls Go…….Six Weeks to Boston

In six weeks, I’ll be once again running the streets of Boston. The marathon that I thought, and said, I would only run once, keeps me coming back again, and again, and again………and every time I get giddy!

This year is no different. I’m giddy with excitement. I’m nervous to have people track me. I’m thankful people will be thinking of me as I’m thinking of them along the run. I’m going to see friends I haven’t seen in a couple years! I’m going to see friends I see a lot around the area and i love every time i do! I get to celebrate life the year after a couple of crazies took lives! And Ali and I get to embrace each step!

Every year something emerges as my Boston, “theme.” My first year was my first year. I was the kid in the running candy store!
And then my second year I had a co-worker who literally was living a block away from Boston Commons. I had a qualifying time and an opportunity of a lifetime! I trained hard and it was the first time I ran to make a PR. I put it all out there and I just didn’t have it. About midway I started crying as I was in over my runnerly legs……it was nothing more than the wings of my guardian angel that brought me in that year. And my theme, “I ran as fast as my I guardian angel could fly.”
A third year I ran with a friend who had qualified and we did our training runs at the craziest earliest mornings I’ve ever been happy to see. I learned a lot about friendship that year and though we’re no longer friends….it was a great experience and was the start of my life of, “We’ll Rounded with Good Stories!”
The fourth year was a new friend, who opened up her home and allowed me to see the real history of Boston; the very quiet, self-reflective Boston. That was the year it went 90* and I fell off, but didn’t fall apart. That was a clear metaphor and has given me strength for those upcoming challenges life was about to throw me. It was the year of the, “Monday.” Anything you think can happen badly on a Monday did……I had to dig deep to beat it, and I did!

What could of and should have been my fifth Boston was not meant to be…….the day before registration opened I set my alarm, I thought about it, I wrote my teaching lesson plans around having some computer time……and then the day came and it never crossed my mind once. It dawned on me later, as a passing thought, I didn’t really seem fluttered, and so I never registered. I watched the marathon that Patriot’s Day with my students ….went to lunch after cheering on the under-dog, and came back to my phone buzzing unstoppable . I wasn’t there in harms way……..I wasn’t suppose to be, and more importantly neither were any people I love.

But this year, this year I am over-the-moon about going. I’ve ran through the worst winter ….. In more ways than anyone should ever imagine and regardless what that clock says, I’ve got a PR. I’ve Personally Rebounded from injury, heartache, lost friends, a lost life, to me……happy……mama……new friends……still great ‘old friends’………dreams coming true…….me!

Groovy Girls Go……….”All Roads Lead to Boylston”


4 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Go…….Six Weeks to Boston

  1. Great meeting you today Kacey and running with you (for a little while, till you left me in the dust)! I really enjoy your writing style, and your use of “P.R.” I just read your “Blue Moon” article in Michigan Runner (so poetic!); my article about the autistic teen is in the same issue. Let’s keep in touch.

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