Groovy Girls and Boys…..Go Where They Are Meant To Be

A groovy girl and guy save the race

Guest Blog By Andrea and Rick

My rabbi’s twin sons organized a 5K race at Kensington to raise money for a friend who was literally struck by lightening and now had serious health issues. I had offered to help with the race if needed when I signed up, but hadn’t heard back so figured all was well under control. That morning my friends and I had planned a 20 mile run at Kensington and when we pulled into the parking lot at Baywoods, there was a tent and table there. “Wouldn’t that be funny if that was the aid station for the 5k”, I told my friends.

So we ran our 20 and as we came back into the parking lot, there was the rabbi putting out signs and checking on things. Yep, I was right, it was their aid station. Again I told him, if he needed any help, let me and Rick know. “No, we are set.” Little did he know how fortuitous it was that we saw him there.

We go to breakfast, home to shower and change, then back to Kensington. We made it for the end of lunch and opening ceremony. And then off we went to the start. Rick and I had planned to walk to just stretch our legs after our earlier run. As we head out, we see the crowd turning to the right…..the WRONG direction. There is someone directing them that way. We stopped the guy to tell him we know this park very well, we know where the aid station is, and EVERYONE is now going the wrong way. The poor guy was flustered, he was told to tell the participants to go right, but whomever told him that forgot to tell him to be facing the runners as he said this. After a few calls and reassurances that we knew what we were talking about, he listened to us. By this time, almost everyone had passed us.

So I got in the car with Roger, the misinformed direction man, and we started yelling at people to turn around and go the other way. I figured out how far would be 1 1/2 miles from where everyone started and we headed that way to be the new turnaround. We weren’t sure we were ahead of the runners, but luckily no one was that fast and we got there just when the first runner arrived. I told Roger that if we stayed there, we could turn everyone back and they would still get in a 5k. The only problem was that we didn’t have the donuts, water and bathroom they were expecting. I joked they were suppose to make donuts around us and cheered people on.

Meanwhile, Rick went the right way and let the people know at the aid station that they wouldn’t have many coming thru. When Roger and I finished, we picked up Rick and the donuts and brought them back to the finish.

If Rick and I weren’t there, people would have run/ walked many more miles than expected. Roger realized this and how fortunate it was that we were there and spoke up. He felt so bad about his unknowing error. But in the end, no harm was done and all got in their 5k.

After we cleaned up the aid station and dropped off everything at the start/finish, Rick and I took off. We never saw the rabbi afterwards, but our job there was done. It was a great feeling to save the race with the participants not even knowing what happened behind the scenes. That’s how the groovy girl and guy work, behind our invisible cloak, saving the day. Next time you are at a race, know there are groovy girls and guys watching your back – give a little thanks to the running gods for putting them on the earth :).

Groovy Girls and Boys…….Go Where They Are Supposed To Be


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