Groovy Girls Go……..With All Roads Leading To Boylston

The first few steps, or shall I say slips, were just the beginning of what was going to be a ridiculous 20+ mile run……..

I wanted nothing more than to love every step of this long run. I was hoping to get some decent footing. I had nothing else on my “to do” list except run, play with Tana, and take an ice bath. So I took off with such high hopes……that was at least until I reached my driveway, and then the road, and then the first uphill climb out my sub……all iced.

I turn up my ear buds as I turn up my cadence, and hoped for the best; after all, 20+ miles is a long ways to go……even on the best of days. I’ve got a lot on my mind, and though there were moments of mindless running; they really were only moments. I had to pay attention to every step of this run. I was trying desperately to avoid the puddles on one street, and then the ice rink on the next. I jeered over to the shoulder so cars wouldn’t have to dodge me, only to have to dodge mud.

I took, what I thought was just going to be a long and hilly back country road, to find it to be the speedway of rural Michigan……iced over.

I knew there were hills, I planned at least that. What I didn’t know was that for each step up I was going to slide two back. This meant run them faster so the slide backwards was shorter. Eventually, I did make it up. And then gingerly went down so as to not go down.

And so, as I keep telling myself through this longest winter of all long winters…….All Roads Lead to Boylston. I’m fortunate that I have something to keep me getting out the door. I’ve come to terms that its probably not going to be my best marathon…..but then again, every Boston to date has been one fantastic story that I couldn’t have dreamed would be my story.

And so I’ll keep taking strides, on any and all roads. Because really, this journey to Boylston, is in many ways no different than any other……an unpredictable and amazing journey of finding a way…….even if its by way of ice-skates!

Groovy Girls Go………..Skating, I Mean Running Towards Boylston


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