Groovy Girls Go…….With or Without Toenails

I finally feel like a real runner…..yes, I lost my first toenail.

Running has given me some of my most memorable experiences. I’m a happier, funnier, more easy going, more committed person, happier mama, thanks to running. And now, I’m a person with one less toenail.

I wondered if I’d lose the nail after running the first, of the two trail run series, down in Ohio with Andrea, Rick, and Wild Bill. The course was something like I’ve never seen before in the dead of winter. The trail was the most muddy, six-mile-loop, I’ve EVER seen (and yes, I’ve seen a lot of muddy trails).

I ran my planned two loops as hard, and as tough as the trail was nasty. It was the first time, in a long time, that I had put my mind to catching a runner in front of me, and ran competitively. I know plenty of runs I’ve been beat by plenty a better than me runner, and I’m perfectly good with that. I run for way more reasons than a place. But I must have swallowed a muddy bug when Rick shouted out to me that he didn’t want to see that same girl in front of me on the second loop….and so it began.

I sloshed, I slipped, I pulled, I scootched back when the hill required going up….but I skidded around the lead female and just (as my Ali would say) kept on keepin’ on.

I’ve had a lot of lose in my life, especially this last year. Lose of friends, relations, races, plans, and the future that I thought I was going to have……yet all the while, I’ve kept on keeping on…..regardless the terrain. Sometimes, when we’re in the moment, we don’t always see clearly what the outcome will be.

It doesn’t really surprise me, that even in this moment of triumph, I inevitably resigned myself for some loss…..the lose of my poor toenail. Yet, much like the whole of me, the toenail will grow back…..and be Well Rounded With Good Stories!

Groovy Girls Go…..With or Without Their Toenails



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