When Life Falls Into Place – Guest Blog by Angie

When Life Falls Into Place

As most of my FaceBook friends may have seen, I had the MOST amazing run yesterday.  The kind of run where you just stop right in the middle and look around.  You wonder just how you are so lucky to get to take in such amazing beauty for the afternoon without a care in the world.  Stop and smell the roses, well the melting snow anyways.  It may still be a while until we actually see roses around these parts.  So how was this possible?  Sometimes life works in funny ways, if you let it.


The dreaded PC update that our IT had been trying since December to schedule was decided best to be done this week during a bit of a “lull.”  I sent a note on a whim to schedule it for any day this week and promptly left to get lunch.  As I drove to Taco Bell (veggie cantina bell burritos are the best), I enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine beating on my face.  I thought of how wonderful it would be if I had the opportunity to play hooky from work for the afternoon and go for a run.  Sure, a pipe dream at best but, in yoga our instructor is always talking about putting things out in the universe and keeping your heart open to the possibility.  Sounds silly, but who knows. . .


Having just been happy to enjoy a bit of sunshine midday, I returned to my desk and proceeded to devour my burrito.  As I checked my emails, I noticed a reply about my PC.  “Bring it down between 1 and 2PM today.”  Could it be?  After a quick note to my boss about taking the afternoon off, since I’d be without my PC, I was grinning from ear to ear as I dropped off the PC at the Depot.  Seriously, feeling like I had won the lottery, I smiled and jammed to tunes all the way home.  Yeah, there may have been some Ke$ha in there. Quick change of clothes, smooches with the pup and I was off to my favorite little piece of heaven.  


In my haste to get out of the house, I left my Garmin behind.  Best.Day.EVER!!!  I was able to just take a quick look at the clock and hop out of the car and JFR.  No watch to “race” or worries about where I needed to be.  I was right where the universe wanted me to be apparently.  Ten miles of pure bliss.  Feeling the sun  on my face and the wind blowing my ponytail was seriously delightful.  Other runners out there were like looking at my reflection in a mirror.  Grinning like I haven’t seen in a LONG time.  Stupid Polar Vortex!  Ten miles later, I was sad it was over, but so grateful that it happened.  The sun had begun to disappear and the cold wind was returning.  A sad reminder that we aren’t done with winter yet.  


I realized yesterday just how thankful I am for the ability to run and enjoy the little things in life when they fall into place just as they should.  Will my PC function without issues today?  Who knows?  I’m still smiling from yesterday’s run!


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