Little Groovy Girls Go ……. Six More Weeks of Winter

We used to have a groundhog at our old house so I know a lot about them. Momma said we could go see if the Groundhog, Woody, at the Howell Nature Center, was going to see her shadow or not. I didn’t know, until now, that Groundhogs are like Weathermen.

February 2nd is Groundhog’s Day, so we woke up real early, bundled up, and drove to the Nature Center. They have an activity each year where the Groundhog is asked if they see their shadow. If she does not see her shadow then there will be an early Spring! If she does though, Six More Weeks of Winter! It was really cold and some guy on stage was standing up there in shorts. He was shaking from being so cold. I don’t think that was smart.

Last year, Woody, said Spring would be early but she was wrong. I think this year she is going to say Six More Weeks of Winter 😦 And be right.

The Groundhog was in a small little tree-stump house that was super cute. The people opened up the door……I was shivering, but waited to see what happened. My Mama got me up close so I could see……but the Groundhog was so cold she wouldn’t even come out of her house……this meant Six More Weeks of Winter FOR SURE!

Little Groovy Girls Go…….To See, or Not See, First Hand



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