Groovy Girls Go……..Booooooo-Rific

Don’t let the cold scare you off! Go, Groovy Girls, Go!

Groovy Girls Go..............

It’s no secret I run a lot, but I don’t race a lot. (Insert jokes about what ‘a lot’ may mean to each of us and then move on. In the world of people I know, I probably race some of the least amount of official ‘races’). I especially don’t do much small distance racing (again…….subject to opinion!). So, when my name was ‘drawn’ for a free entry into the Kona, Wicked Run, I was more scared than excited.

The mileage wasn’t what threw my confidence, it was the speed at which I should probably try to run a 10k, which is not in my comfort zone AT ALL!


(Notice the girl in the camo? Now SHE’S fast and the starting line would be the last time I would see her as she literally ran away with the win! Congrats DTRW Stephanie!)

Clearly, a race at the end of October…

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