Groovy Girls Go …. Learning More From Mistakes

This is a blog that was first published on my classroom blog page, but I keep coming back to it.  I thought I would then share it here too.  Being wrong is indeed an adventure in and of itself.

My students write great blogs if you are in need of following more blog sites.  They are usually quick and offer insight into our classroom and their just learning to live and love life worlds!

Enjoy…..Groovy Girls Learn……………………..

More From Mistakes by Mrs. Tulley

No one likes to be wrong, but it happens.  Making mistakes, and taking this in stride, is the difference between laughing and crying.  

Yesterday, I was absolutely, without question, no doubt about….WRONG!

I had planned for hours, I had combed the internet, I had pulled books from the library, I had gone to the Brighton library, I had, I had, I had….I had found this song that I thought would be perfect for me to demonstrate how to take bullet point notes when I paused the music.  I was pleased, confident, and ready to present the lesson.

The class was singing, we had the projector showing the lyrics so all could see.  I was using the new doc cam so that everyone could see what was being written to eliminate frustration during the note taking time.  It was fantastic.  I watched the crowd of eager learners put the newly acquired data down. I took their suggestions on how to put the complicated “Newton’s Laws” into their own words.  We tried to break them down into student friendly language.  I couldn’t have been more proud…..until yesterday.

We go to pull back out the notes from this “FANTASTIC” lesson and notes to use what we had learned in order to organize our data for today’s new lesson when…………..

It was WRONG!  The final “Newton Law” that we had put down made no sense at all.  As we were trying to write it the feeling in the room was just, “huh.”  I know that is what we heard and what we wrote…but it makes NO SENSE.  

And then there was a little voice.  Excuse me, Mrs. Tulley.  My Dad and I did some cross referencing research and we found out that it is……. and so he went on, in the most polite way, to explain just how wrong I had been.  

It was at this point that another voice in the crowd said, “Well, just like you told me, I bet you’ll never forget that again, Mrs. T.”  

My work here is done.  I laughed at myself in front of the kids.  I honored the hard work that I had put in, the thought that I was teaching to every mode of learner, and it just went wrong.  I was honest and we put a plan into place as to how we were going to, as a class, fix up those notes and clear up my “misconception” and then pick right back up in our learning to make another mistake 😉  because we’ll probably learn more that way!

Mrs. Tulley


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