Groovy Girls Go ….. 8

So I woke up to a friend texting or tweeting or facebooking or whatever made my phone chirp and nudge me from dreamland.  I wasn’t planning on getting up, but then you know how it is……

It’s been bitterly cold and there have been some crazy amounts of snow being dumped all over Michigan.  In fact the snow bank on either side of my driveway now goes over my head.  (And yes, insert short joke here, but even 5 foot high snow banks are still pretty high.)  With this weather has come horrible roads that nobody should really be driving on, unless it’s an emergency.  I’ve always thought that the reason they call a “snow day” is because they really need to have people stay inside.  So I usually do.  I don’t mind at all.  Montana and I love these “free” days because it’s ok to do nothing and everything all in the same day.  We do nothing that was planned and we do everything that sounds fun and together and that makes us smile and laugh.

Now my friend isn’t as flexible on “snow days” as I get many have to report (all the  more reason for those of us who don’t to stay out of the way!) and he was commenting on how even his gym was closed and that he was going to do his said amount of miles on a tred mill.  He made a funny comment to laugh the whole thing off, but really, my heart went out to him.  As a fellow runner who does have to spend a good deal of time on a tred mill, because I’m pretty sure Social Services frowns on pushing a jogging stroller with an actual kid in it in these kinds of temps), so I know.  I can relate.  I have a whole lot of things that pile up on my list of why getting in a run can be tricky.  Teaching, planning for teaching, correcting the 30 x 8/10 subjects of work a day, a daughter, her dance, her friends, her gymnastics, teaching her to read, write, think, cooking, buying the stuff you need to cook, cleaning (well….) laundry, writing, Montana’s homework, writing, living on a budget, seeing family, sleep-overs, I can NEVER be late to work or leave or early or leave at lunch (can you imagine the looks of 30 kids ‘running’ wild in a room because I was out running!  hahahah), PTA, committee, friends (whom I LOVE) oh yah and wait, I love to run……and so I get it.

And in that moment I got up, put on my shorts, and went down to run.  He inspired me.  He was going to do 8 and so would I.  He had to do it on a tred mill and so did I.  I hated the first 4 and he may have too, but I kept on keepin’ on and I finished.  I took a quick picture of the mileage and sent it to him.  I figured if he could inspire me, the least I could do was let him know I was in his corner hoping he found whatever it was going to take to get at least on the machine and then he could think, “she did it, I can do it too.”

Groovy Girls Go…….Because If My Friend Can, I Can Too


2 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Go ….. 8

  1. It was a lot of saving in order to get the home tred- mill but the benefit for me during the winter was and is worth it!
    That combined with friends to help motivate me keeps me getting back on!

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