Groovy Girls Go …… Nutty But True For Two

So how does one pass up running on the coldest day Michigan has seen since what, 1978?
I don’t!
I do however, play it safe, as you did not see me pushing my daughter in her jogging stroller. I waited until she was being watched and safely playing with a friend.
We had all played the last two days away, as the snow and cold weather swirled above Michigan. I’ve shoveled more in the last week than in years!

I always play better with the kids during the day if I get a few miles in so after an adventurous night I hopped on the tred mill and did the runnerly did.

The day was wonderful, filled with little girl laughter, games, make-believe, and playing. Montana and her friend sang and danced. I’ve always thought that listening to the sounds of children singing was as beautiful as hearing angels…….and so it went.

And then an opportunity presented itself and I chose the road less ran on. I was gifted with a few available minutes, and I chose to run outside with each glorious one of them.

I put on two layers of everything, my yaks, and my turtle pulled right up to my eyes. I kissed Montana good-bye, and my first step was running as I wasn’t about to let the cold take hold before I could even begin.

I ran a usual loop near my home as the sun was going down. Was it pretty? Oh my yes! Was it better than driving? Oh my yes! I had complete control. My yaks kept me from slipping and I could see and smell every negative degree of the cold. The lens through which I saw my neighborhood was crisp, clear, and the sun setting colors sparkled off the ice piled high. All was a vivid rainbow of arctic hues framed within my now white frozen lashes.

If you can’t tell I loved every minute of my few miles out in the coldest day Michigan has seen before I curled up for the rest of the night to snuggle and sit in front of a crackling fire.

Groovy Girls Go……..Just to Get in a Few




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