What I wanted to say….

What I wanted to say to the girls soccer team……. high school girls everywhere….. myself…

I was recently scheduled to run a track session while in Florida on vacation. I knew there was a track at the local school and took a chance that it would be open, and available for use – my backup plan was a stretch of sidewalk! I got super lucky and as I parked the soccer coach was unlocking the gates and unloading soccer balls from his car. I asked if he thought it would be okay for me to use the track and he said no problem while they were practicing, and then he had to lock it back up. Yay for the running gods and good timing!

So off I jogged….

As I ran my circles around the track I saw the girls showing up to practice, doing their drills and playing a 5-on-5 game.

They were teenage girls, and here is what I wanted to tell them…

– You guys are so lucky – you are at a time in your life where the world is your oyster…you can go after whatever you want. You have time, resources. You are writing your own story and can be winners. –

– Get to practice early, offer to carry the balls for the coach, show how grateful you are for his time –

– Go after it. Never sit when you could be running laps. Never stand chatting by the goal posts when you could ask for extra exercises. –

– When the coach asks you to go get the goal. Don’t walk…run. Show how much you want this in every way! –

– Get in there, tackle…go after it! –

And then I realized this wasn’t about those girls, or even all teenage girls. This was about me. It is easy to think…if only I had had this opportunity when I was younger or I wish I hadn’t been too “cool” to really try. It is easy to wish better for others. But, the time is now. We all still have chances and we make these choices every day….am I too cool/scared/intimidated to lay it all out there or am I brave enough to put it all on the line?


So, who says that running in circles doesn’t get you anywhere! 😉




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