2013 recap – part III

I promise the last part of the recap……if not just cut me off already! 😉

After Chicago, and a full week of complete rest followed by some light recovery training. Next up was the Kona Chocolate 10k in Plymouth with friends. This was the inaugural event and the organizers are already planning – more chocolate tents for next year since demand exceeded supply this year! I had friends also running the 10k and 5k so it made for a fun morning. My legs were not up to much unfortunately and from mile 1 I could tell this rainy race was not going to be one for the record books. Even though it was technically a PR since my last 10k race was over 5 years ago!

The crowds! The lines! For Chocolate!

The crowds! The lines! For Chocolate!

Post race, post coffee!

Post race, post coffee!

So then a few weeks later I thought I would try it all over again at the Turkey Trot! When the morning rolled around I wasn’t even sure if we were going to make it downtown in time for the start, and that was before the snow started to fall!. Somehow we got it together and made it and parked. Unfortunately, since Chicago I have had a return of my GI issues, despite my diet – to the extent that words like “maybe you need to give up running” have been uttered and tears may have been shed (at least internally!) So this time my legs were ready and willing, and knocking out miles at 7:10 pace – despite the accumulating snow on the roads – but around mile 3 I had to make an emergency stop at a Coney Island! The turkey trot is on the parade route, so their was quite a crows in the restaurant and only 1 bathroom. The two people in front of me in line were not feeling the ticking of the race clock, so 8 mins later I was on the road again. This time trying to politely pass a thousand runners in the snow! So again no PR, and it was pretty cold so we didn’t even make it all the way through the parade!

I did contemplate going for the “third time is a charm” race – but with limited road 10ks in MI in the winter nothing really lined up…so that PR will have to wait till the spring….when it will be mine! 😉

At some point when I was searching for races toward the end of the year I came across the Ann Arbor Track Clubs indoor mini meet, with a timed mile. Thinking a) it’s indoors in December and b) I bet they have bathrooms! I consulted with coach and she thought it was a fun idea. I checked the results from last year to make sure I wouldn’t be TOTALLY embarrassed and it looked promising. So it rolled around, I had almost forgotten about it when I got my training for that week and it started with “I hope you are excited for your race!” for a moment I was thinking “Race? What race?”! So I showed up at the indoor track with no idea of what to expect. Suddenly I was standing by a bleacher with 3 high school girls and 2 boys talking about Chemistry homework, PRs, THAT Math test and reciting the periodic table. For some reason when the flyer said “High school age or higher” I assumed that meant you should have GRADUATED from high school! 😉 Anyway, I removed myself from the somewhat frenetic energy and warmed up. They called everyone together to announce the start of the meet. The women and men slower than 6:00 minute mile raced first. As I lined up I somehow ended up close to the front – not what I was planning since I had NO idea what I was doing. The starter announced that it would be 8 laps, I turned to the girl next to me and said “Isn’t it supposed to be 4?” I’m sure accompanied by a look of terror! She probably thought I was the biggest idiot ever, as she told me it was a 200m track. Oh. And then the gun went off. I went out hard and kind of in a blur per coaches instructions, but after about a lap and a half I couldn’t breath at all. Tight chest, classic asthma feeling. I reminded myself that I was in control and backed off the pace a little, trying to calm my breathing. As it started to feel better I realized I now had NO idea how many laps I had completed. From the time on the clock I was guessing 5 ish, but my math ability was not guaranteed at that point. Somewhere around lap 6 the leading high school girl (the one with the pink sparkly tube top) passed me with a slightly out of breath “nice work” – who knew they are fast AND polite 😉 in the next lap or so another two passed me. As I saw them finish I knew I had one more lap. And then, just like that it was done. I think my time was 6:42…I say think because I was too oxygen deprived to see the clock at the finish and they only kept track of names for the first three spots. So it was either 6:29 or 6:43…I don’t think it was 6:29! I then hacked and coughed for a good twenty minutes, and pretty much felt like my lungs were bleeding. The coughing continued for the rest of the night. Since I had never raced track – let alone indoor track – I had no idea about “indoor air” or “track hack”. It really is a different world! It was warmer than outside though, and there were bathrooms! The club does a weekly indoor workout during the winter, I plan to take advantage of these two facts at least a few more times! 😉 So I guess I now have a timed mile PR to beat! 6:42

I snuck my final race in on December 29th. A half marathon in Jacksonville. The proximity – even at a 2.5 hr drive from our vacation location was too good to give up. Unfortunately a few days before the race the forecast changed dramatically to windy, warm, humid and thunderstorms. It was 70 and humid at the start, and the steady rain started at mile 8. Again my legs just didn’t feel like they had it….likely due to a heavy mileage and active week in FL as well as the weather. So I committed to hanging in and halting the slowing of pace mile after mile! I finished in 1:40:30.



Can you tell how wet it is? This is BEFORE the downpour!

Can you tell how wet it is? This is BEFORE the downpour!

This is my "thank goodness that is over" face!

This is my “thank goodness that is over” face!

So – if you made it this far 😉 – All in all a great year! PRs where it mattered and some solid hard work. Can’t wait for 2014!


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