If only……

It is cold in Michigan right now. Really cold. Not to mention icy and snowy. Luckily I am not there, but instead am in sunny Florida. 😉

Palm trees as far as the eye can see! Minutemen Causeway, Cocoa Beach FL

Palm trees as far as the eye can see! Minutemen Causeway, Cocoa Beach FL

As I was running today, it was kind of sweaty which in a round-a-bout way got me thinking about my “if onlys”….I’m pretty sure everyone has some. They are the – often very legitimate – reasons that life is difficult, the things that we have to plan and work around to make things happen.

But what if as I am tromping through the Michigan snow and thinking “If only I lived in FL, then I could train better in the winter” and meanwhile someone in Florida is thinking “If only I didn’t live somewhere so hot and humid, I’d be able to train better and hills might be the secret to my running prowess!”

What if for the person who is lamenting the exercise that they could get in if they didn’t have to work a full time job, there is someone thinking they would be so much better off if they had a regular schedule.

For the person running without shoes thinking how much better they’d be doing with shoes, there is someone wishing they had grown up running barefoot and how much better their midfoot strike would be! (If you can’t laugh at yourself….. 😉 )

So next time I have an “If only” moment I promise to try to find the flipside. It was a sweaty one, in the humid 70s, but I’m not complaining cos I could be training in a foot of fresh snow!


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