Failure: Why it’s like a spirited cart horse….bear with me here….

On yesterday’s run I did some thinking about failure. It took about 7 miles but here were my stunning thoughts…

In a totally ying-yang way without the concept of failure, there could be no concept of success. So we couldn’t have them excitement of success and achievement without the fear and disappointment that goes along with failure. A feeling of failure/disappointment shows that you were invested in the activity and the outcome. If you are invested it means you worked hard, gave it your all.

A moderate fear of failure is healthy and helpful in achieving your best. Here comes my spirited cart horse analogy…..

Horses (especially spirited ones) have minds of their own – an unfortunate reality and lesson that I learned around age 10 when I tried to tell one what to do and it landed me on my head. Slight concussion and a trip to the accident and emergency department and all was fine (or maybe a lot is explained…but I digress). So horses have a mind of their own. They also occasionally kick, bite and stampede sometimes with little warning. So stay well clear, right?

Unless you happen to have a cart that needs to be pulled by a horse and needs for a means of transportation (for the sake of this analogy imagine their are no cars, bikes, buses or trains available.)

So your best bet of a timely arrival is the horse. If you can harness the power of the horse it is useful to you. It can get you to your destination. A healthy awareness that this animal could tip your cart over at any moment, dumping you out, keeps you honest. Ensures that you stay alert and active as the cart driver. Yes, you could take the safe option and choose a less spirited beast, but  you would learn so much about being a skilled cart driver. But, if you are so afraid of the horse that you never harness it, you will not make any progress either.


So invest in your dreams,  commit to them, give them your all…when the cart is tipped over, learn from it, right it and carry on on your journey.

What do you think? Does this make any sense? If not, run 7 miles and think about it….maybe it was the oxygen deprivation! 😉


One thought on “Failure: Why it’s like a spirited cart horse….bear with me here….

  1. I watched a documentary yesterday, “Somm” that very much reminded me of this. Students giving everything they had to their dream of becoming a Master Sommelier ……. Inspiring.

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