Groovy Girls Go …. In The Rain

Basically any runner will tell you stories of running in any and all conditions.  I suppose we all brainwash ourselves with the truth that a race isn’t cancelled because of the weather, so why wouldn’t you run in any weather?


Because I’ve run since as long as I can remember and I HAVE run in every condition and I know I CAN run in any condition.  So, it’s a matter of wether or not I WANT to run in the condition.  Usually the answer is yes…because as my friend Ron and I were finishing up last weekend and I was (typically) yacking up a storm, we were literally running in a storm, and it was FUN!

As the sky lit up with lightening exclamation points to match the excitement of the stories we (I mean, I) was telling, I was once again struck by the simplicity, honesty, sweaty, freeing, F-U-N that is running.

And I guess that is all… Run not because you have to ….Run because you have to … have F-U-N.  We’re all mostly adults here and this is what we chose to do with our fun time, so keep it simple and fun.

Run at ridiculous hours.

Run ridiculous routes.

Get ridiculously muddy.

Jump over ridiculous logs and through ridiculous rivers.

Run under ridiculously beautiful stars.

Run when it’s ridiculously hot.

Run for no other reason that F-U-N and then keep going.

Groovy Girls (and Boys We Talk Into Our Fun) Go ….Ridiculously F-U-N


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