Groovy Girls Go…….To The Lighthouse


I embrace opportunities to seek out and experience the unique treasures of an area when I visit.  Often, I think, that is a main reason why I run. I think it’s also why I don’t necessarily want to ‘know’ where I’m going always….some of the fun of the run, is just coming up on what the local flair has to offer. (However I do appreciate knowing how to get back as well.)

Not being a native Michigander, I’m quick to say yes to a travel invite that takes me to a new area of the state.  These travel opportunities are made even better when my six-year-old daughter, Montana can come with me.  And the journey is made even sweeter, when my hosts know I run and offer to watch her while I trek out for a bit…..following wherever these new roads take me.

I find there is no place in the winter I can’t go when I stretch my Yaks over my shoes, cover my face, and slip on some gloves. In the winter I do admit that I’m much more careful about my willingness to be too daring, but I still don’t over-think anything. I give myself permission to slow down a bit and stop to appreciate the snow-glistening sights.  I never get too crazy or too far from where I could be found, however. I’m also careful to always throw in my pocket a packet of some sort of fuel, just in case I do make a wrong turn. Truth is, it gets dark quickly and colder even quicker this time of year.  Unless you can tell about the adventure. it becomes nothing more than a tragedy…….and so with my eyes the only visible part of me I take off to see what there is to see along the shores of Silver Lake, MI.

I wind my way along the roads, stopping to appreciate the wild turkey, crossing the road signs, I know my brother would love that’s posted. 20131229-224037.jpg

I love these moments that running reveals to me, allowing me to reminisce and think of those I love.  When you spend as much time, as runners do, inside our ownthoughts, we can’t help but become either pace studying fools sappy romantic fools, or plan making fools. The world seems perfect when you’re out on a run and any imperfections seem so fixable. The beauty of running, one with nature, just takes my breathe away and helps me refocus on the positives of life.

I continue on this new journey, next finding a road that leads to the power of the nearly frozen waves of Lake Michigan. The churning waters continue fighting the continually dropping temperature that wants to freeze them mid-splash. Their power seems unstoppable, yet as with things in nature, something more powerful has come along.  A silent competitor, yet unmistakably tough, the cold freezes the water, the waves holding one final eerie pose of their futile attempt to fight this unmatchable force…I admire….. I move on.

Where there is a beach there may be in Michigan a Lighthouse. A beacon of hope for weary travelers. A light to show the way and a symbol of safety for meandering travelers. I stop to appreciate the tower that stands firm in its hope to guide adventure seekers to safety, against the powerful waves and the even more brutal cold of the season.


As my run continues on, the sun continues to sink into the lake, leaving only a sliver of color between the horizon and the clouds. I continue to journey, my Tulley Toes leading the way back to my own safety. I’m eager to see the familiar smiling faces, that will inevitably stop their play to welcome me home with beaming smiles, my own lighthouse. I’ve had a chance to go out, seek adventure, overcome obstacles, observe nature, and find clarity amongst the storm and crashing waves of life.  Finally, after many a miles, I follow the hopeful light, that is running.  For me, running is the lighthouse that will often shine through any fog, to illuminate for me, my way……home.

Groovy Girls Go……Until the Lighthouse Shines a Light On The Way Back Home



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