Groovy Girls Go………Duck Saving

“Mama, we have to save the duck!” Montana Skye sounded desperate as she took off running down the riverbend and as I looked over to catch a glimpse of the duck we had been following dangling in some dog’s mouth, I wondered how this was going to end. Tears freeze in the winter………

We had gone out to a local golf course to introduce our friend Griffin to the sport of snow shoeing. We thought our adventure was going to end before it started when I had parked on the side of the road, unloaded our gear to have the owner come running over to us just as we were about to start. His full-face smile sure didn’t seem like he was going to kick us off his property and sure enough, he was welcoming us to park in his plowed off driveway, use his sleds, and come have fun! Wahoooooo! Here we come for some winter playing!

I strapped the kids into the snow shoes and we were off, trekking up the hills and plowing down them spraying new snow in every direction!


The kids were off to explore and trek every inch of this winter wonderland. At one time we had found where the snow had fallen over a bush, creating a winter cave. The kids and I did what all good adventurers would do, we climbed inside to see what there was to be seen and played.

Of course, there is just something about the sound of running water that calls kids to it. Especially when you’re crouched in a snow cave and you can hear its crackling over icy branches as it gurgles down its icy stream. So off we went to crawl over iced logs and flick snow branch catapults at one another! It was in between bursts of our snow throwing laughter that we first heard the quack and then saw the duck! Yes, it was our golden beaked treasure to be found on this snowy quest. This was the duck that was sure to lay a golden egg for us playful seekers. And so we followed him over slimy rocks, tested the strength of the ice, and skidded along.

We lost the duck when it found a break in the ice and was able to swim away. I had thought our treasure had gotten away until I heard Montana start quacking about us needing to, “save Mother Nature.” I looked over just in time to see the duck, limp in the mouth of a dog, being bounded away behind a snow pile. I was sure this wasn’t going to end well.

We all took off running after the dog and our duck playing possum. That’s when the owner of the dog came a calling and the dog let the duck go. Luckily, the duck was quite the thespian and as soon as the dog let it go, he started to waddle off. He wasn’t going to get very far as the snow went right up to his beak and seeing we didn’t have an extra pair of snow shoes, Montana offered to carry him back to safety.


Together, we all trekked back to the duck’s ice and watery home to let him get back to his quackin’ in peace. We set him down and sure enough, he quacked a thanks, slipped a bit on his first icy steps, and slided himself out into a broken spot where he was then able to swim away. See, Amelia Earhart was right, adventure for the sake of adventuring really is worthwhile…..and leads to some fantastically fun stories that our children are sure to never forget!

Groovy Girls Go……..For the Adventure




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