2013 recapped!

I recently saw a few “2013: My year in running” posts and thought it a stroke of genius since I seem to suck at race reports and it wraps it all up nicely in one post!

The early part of 2013 consisted of training for the spring Flying Pig Marathon. Running through ice, snow, blizzards…you name it! The goal of the training cycle was to build strength and maintain fitness over the winter from the previous fall’s Chicago Marathon. Aware of the hills of the Flying Pig (if we weren’t aware then the fact that every experienced runner that asked which race we were training for grimaced as they talked about the hills made us aware!) we targeted long runs for hillier routes and specifically raced the Mud Dogs Half in Mount Pleasant, MI.

This was a fun locally organized winter half marathon series – starting at a local bar in Mount Pleasant – where people stayed warm before the start and there shoes stuck to the floor with last nights spilled beer residue! The route was mostly on dirt roads with two hair pin U turns and a few rolling hills. The weather was good (for March in Michigan!) with clear roads. New half PR: 1:42:55

I typically run a half marathon about a month before the marathon, and picked the Martian Marathon for this race. In theory it was perfect, my house was a warmup jog from the start and the race was in my backyard! There was flooding on the course in the week leading up to the race (Hines drive where a large section of the course goes was designed to protect the surrounding areas in the event of river flooding). Well, sometimes perfect doesn’t happen…with a rerouted course and tired legs it just wasn’t my day. I was happy that I had raced the Mud Dogs a few weeks earlier to be confident that this result was not a reflection of my preparedness for the Flying Pig!

And so onto the Flying Pig. We were prepared for the hills and they weren’t as bad as I had been expecting, the nice part is that by mile 8.5 most of the climbing is done. I say most, because the slight uphills near the end of the race did not seem insignificant to me at the time! 😉 But overall, great race, fun weekend with friends. New marathon PR: 3:35:11

Friends make marathons fun!

Friends make marathons fun!

Shortly after the Flying Pig I took a great trip to Colorado for some great trail running at altitude with my coach. We squeezed A LOT into 5 or so days – trail running on hunter creek trail, dining in Aspen, parasailing, hill repeats and a 10 mile downhill race! Super fun, super beautiful and ACTION PACKED!

The view at the top of Hunter Creek trail....a new view around every corner!

The view at the top of Hunter Creek trail….a new view around every corner!

View from the road of the Mountain to Valley 10 mile race...breathtaking!

View from the road of the Mountain to Valley 10 mile race…breathtaking!

Aspen parasailing

Aspen parasailing

View from the top of smuggler's road...luckily coach didn't make me run all the way up! ;)

View of Aspen from the top of smuggler’s road…luckily coach didn’t make me run all the way up! 😉

Back in Michigan I ran the Flirt with Dirt, 10k trail run. A fun run on the trails in Novi, made extra special by being joined by some friends racing their first 10ks! A 7 minute improvement on the time from the year before and a mug. Not bad for a morning’s work! 😉

The mug!

The mug!

Next up was representing Ford at the Corporate Cup Relays – a 5k and some track running. New 5k PR: 22:15

Corporate Cup Relays

Corporate Cup Relays

*edited* – I realized that I forgot a half marathon….maybe I blocked it from my memory banks on purpose since it was my first ever DNF, but the EPIC half marathon in Pontiac…an epic-fail for me but another race entry none the less!

Then off to Florida for  the 4th of July with a little local racing action at the Beverly Norris 5k in Sebastian.

Beverly Norris 5k!

Beverly Norris 5k!

Phew! and that is only through July! I think I’d better let you take a rest before covering the second half of the year!


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