Groovy Girls Go ……. Feeling Drafty

Groovy Girls Go …….. Feeling Drafty

I don’t mind sharing, I pitch in without being asked, I love when others take care of me, and in turn I take care of others.

So, I had a racing experiencing that really had me befuddled.

First, I don’t really “race” however, I had just read an article sent by a friend, Tom Artushin, that had me in my own head. He was putting it out there that yes, there is a time and place to be the runner who just “toes the line.” But, isn’t there too, a time to “step up to the plate and swing for the fences?”
I know both the line and the plate. I’ve felt the peace of the line, the rush of the home run, and the blow of the swing – and – a – miss…..I’ve been blessed enough to have had runs from each.
Each moment, meant to be collected, collectively I call it the ‘runnerly-life’.

I stepped up to the line, to be with friends, to get to the finish line before them, so I could in turn, go back to cheer them on to their finish……yet this was going to be a journey that changed pace quickly.

I’ve been recovering at Tri-Covery Massage and Flexibility, in Novi, MI. by the healing hands of Steve. He, like anyone that’s a part of my life, came just at the right time. He too, in many ways, saved me when I couldn’t do it all for myself. He was a stranger I’m so in gratitude of meeting and thankful I wasn’t too stubborn to miss knowing. I had ignored an injury, rested it, iced it, changed pace, changed mileage, accepted being left out, changed goals, but nothing was working until one day, while working with Steve, my hip literally “popped!” The sensation was one I’ve never felt, my stomach flipped with nausea, and I thought to myself this was literally my breaking point.
Something released inside and I’ve been careful to continue to let my body heal, but I could run again without being in agony every step.

I’ve come a long ways in the now, year-and-a-half, that its taking to come back to running without constant shearing pain. I’ve kept enough events on the book to help keep me from giving up. Mostly hilly, which is my kind of fun, so no matter what I did, I’d be doing what I love. Thankful that I could be out with friends, doing what I do when I’m not mommy.

So, when I felt someone come up on me in the hills of Clarkston, with 8 miles left, I told myself to let her go. I can only do what I can do right now. My long term goal is to heal in the short term, so I can even have a long term. Yet, she didn’t go. She settled in, right behind me, letting me be her wind-breaker, on a hilly, tough course, coupled with a head wind that seemed to never be a tail wind.

I’d go in and out of thinking about her behind me. There were a couple of guys that I was going back and forth with so I played with the idea of staying or pushing past them.
I pushed.

There was a young kid, running with his father, that had gone around me early, I was coming back up on. I told the kid I hoped to see him going around me again in the final stretch. He didn’t, but the thought of him with his Dad crossing the line made me smile. I look forward to one day sharing the finish with my daughter too. I was warmed with hopeful optimism and pushed on.

The Clarkson Back Roads race continued to journey up and over challenging hills. There was no straight lane on the open dirt road as we dodged muddy pot-holes. And, of course, there were even more hills that had my toes barely running up, struggling for each step. There were winding paths and then some final down- ward stretches that had my legs turning over so fast I was bracing in the event that I was soon to be rolling. This is when, my shadow, found a new gear and went around me.

I’d almost forgotten she was there. It’s in this moment that my befuddle begins. It’s not a move I would have ever done, nor the way I would ever run……however, I wonder if I would have even pushed as hard as I did had she not been right on me the whole time. So, maybe in by me taking care of her, she took care of me……and so my story continues to circle back to what I’ve always known and believe in….. what comes around …..goes around…….this makes me smile and eager for what’s around my next corner…..

Groovy Girls Go……….Circling Back in Gratitude



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