getrunningMy “reason to run” has been on my mind lately. Whatever your reason – do not let it be diminished in your mind. No-ones reason is less valid or important than anyone elses, and as I have always said whatever “gets you out there” or gets you moving your body in any way is reason enough!

Running keeps us honest, you get out what you put in….there is no cheating it, there is no office politics or taking credit for someone elses hard work. In running if you put in the work you see the results and progress, sure everyone has a different starting point but each person can see their improvements season over season, year over year if “working towards goals” or showing yourself your own strength is one of your reasons.

This happens to be one of my reasons. Sometimes it is a reason that seems to make others uncomfortable, more difficult for them to accept than a reason like “to eat chocolate” or “running is my therapy”. Some call it obsessive or feel that running to a plan is overly constraining. I understand that it is not the way for everyone, but it is for me. I get fulfillment from checking off the plan, from knowing that I but in the work that was asked of me and seeing the improvement – my Mum says this is just me. The way I have always been about all things. Make a plan, make it happen. It doesn’t mean I am not having fun, it just means my fun may be different than other peoples fun.

I didn’t go through a school system where cross country or track were organized activities with training schedules or sessions. So in some ways maybe I am experiencing for the first time what others learned in high school – who knows! But I am enjoying the ride and I have big dreams and plans! In December I plan to run my first ever timed mile – kind of scary – kind of exciting. A long way outside of my “box”. Maybe, just maybe, pretending for one night that I am on a track team! 😉

So there is one of my reasons…..

I would love to hear your reasons to run. Have they changed over time? Do you ever feel like your reasons aren’t as valid as other peoples?

Whatever your reason, whatever your chosen activity. Keep moving!



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