Groovy Girls Go……Because We Almost Didn’t

Some days more self talk / negotiating / tiredness and just plain procrastination turns the morning run into the noon run, into the afternoon run, into the late afternoon run……and so the story goes. Right up until the time you actually make the move to put on the sports bra, it seems like the run may never happen.

There really are other fun things to do in life. Some things don’t even involve sweating (I know that’s hard to believe)! Sometimes even, I know, this is going to be REALLY hard to believe, it’s even nice to sleep in. Yet, this is all a part of finding balance, and possibly even refinding the fun in the run.

I had one of those days, I just wasn’t finding the spark, and since it was cold, my flame for the run was dwindling quickly.

Here is where I wish I had brilliant wisdom. I wish I could say there was a heat wave that blew in and I couldn’t not lace up. But, it never came. I can only suspect, that I must have been tired and must have drug my feet across the carpet because when I went to reach for the door-knob……..OUCH! Yes, I literally shocked myself. Now if that isn’t a sign I may never know one.

I was tired –
I had a headache –
I was cold –
I DID IT ANYWAYS ……. And boy oh boy am I glad I did.

An hour later I had breathed my way past my headache. I had answered some burning questions that must have, at some level, fueled my under-nourished fire that kept me going. I turned an easy route into a hilly route, and I never regretted a single step I embraced.

So, until when the steps are easy again …………. do it anyways.

Groovy Girls Go ……. And Make Their Own Fire From Wherever the Spark Comes


2 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Go……Because We Almost Didn’t

    • There is usually a reason………I find if I slow down enough to really listen to my body I will hear if I should or shouldn’t go……because some days just being is good training too.

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