Groovy Girls Go …. To Heal Holes in the Soles

Groovy Girls Go ….. To Heal Holes in the Soles

The breeze was sweet, the sparkling rays were bouncing off the turning fall  leaves.  it was if the forest fairies had just recently been given a new paint palet to try.  The streaks of sunshine peaked through the holes of the branches which tarpped the beckoning trail.

Ironically, as I lace up, I notice “new” holes in my shoes.  I suppose there was a reason I pulled these from the pile to use today.  They need a few patches themselves……after.

 Collectively, this moment was  painting an inspirational night out on the trails – just enough beauty for all the holes I wanted to find answers for; and to fill …. So I ran to fill the holes.

As I ran, complicated problems seemed so clear.  Answers to complicated questions were being formulated so eloquently  in my brain.  My inside voice sounded confident and steady, just like my soles that were keeping an unwavering rhythmic pace as they traveled the earth.

Each turn shed ‘new light’ on what, in the outside world, seemed like a never ending long stretch.  Proof, that  NOTHING, is stagnant forever.

And so the miles clicked off, and so did my problems. Now, it’s a matter of executing the seemingly perfect plans that began to take shape on my run, onto my life.

I find that, just like thoughts that penetrate my sleep at night, if I bullet point them quickly down, they settle  until morning light.  I too, jot as quickly as I can find a place to write after runs.  I dot want found clarity to dull or the answers I found along my journey that can be used as plugs to be misplaced.  Everyone gets holes, and everyone has the tools to plug and patch them back up.

In the end, after a hole,  we are forever changed, but I happen to think a patch-work quilted life is quite beautiful……and if nothing else, it’s Well Rounded With Good Stories.


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