Groovy Girls Go……With the Shoes On Their Feet

Sometimes there’s an opportunity to hang out with special friends listening to jazz, wwwwaaaayyyy past your bedtime.  Then, continue on until getting locked in what’s rumored to be a haunted Mansion, after sharing some bubbly, compass never pointing home until after the carriage had well turned back into a pumpkin: and yet there we were.  A mish-mash of happy friends, with  light-hearts, no sweating, adventuring in Urban Detroit.  

Even though our pumpkin had turned, the gentleman hadn’t quite yet, but we knew even he was hoping to return to a door-mouse as he toured our group ‘out of the Whitney’.  Still, he hung on to share some historical stories of the Whitney’s grandure, excess, exquistness, and sadness.  We listened to breathtaking stories of craftsmanship and took note that no expense had been spared in building this home.  And yet, there’s no family living there now.  No generational family, and so what price was really paid by the woman whom it took two years to tile the floor.  Did the workers ever walk straight again?  What events of her own family did she miss in order to hand-craft a floor?  And so I wonder……Was it Worth It?

Even at the Whitney, it seemed money couldn’t buy every happiness, because when all the lights got shut off, there it was, standing tall, dark, and alone.  We however, less a few pennies, plus a few spirits, were laughing, hugging, still story-telling, and eagerly making plans to see one another again.  

So whatever your “Ruby Red Slippers” may be:  If you ever go looking for your heart’s desire, don’t look any further than your own backyard.  Find happiness in simplicity, laughter, friendship, and loyalty.  Be flexible in the shoes you wear, and in the shoes on other’s you judge.  Because you really never know the miles that have been walked in those soles.  Even the fanciest of shoes can travel on the roughest of paths, and it might take an unmistakenly worn pair to notice another’s wear marks and offer in-soles.

So, go grab a pair of worn shoes, and hit the road with a trusty friend, see where your toes “simply” take you!


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