Groovy Girls Go….Despite the Weather

Groovy Girls Go …. 40 degrees


I go in shorts until the temps dip below 40degrees.  I have no scientific knowledge to back this up, just years under my frost- belt.  I’ve never been disappointed in shorts at this temperature.  I’ve only ever bemoaned myself for not following my own rule as I was burning up on a run.

It’s easy to over-dress during this time of year, and if there’s anything about running I don’t like, it’s burning up.

I’m on a hunt all year long for zip up sweatshirts to use as throw always during the fall racing season.  I like to keep it on until mile 1 and I try and ditch it by the sign.  (Someone’s got to come pick up the sign so they’re likely to pick up my sweatshirt as well.  I like to think the new owner will take it on new adventures and the life of the sweatshirt will be bettered 😉

Even if I’m still a bit cool, 1 mile is the “ditch or die” because I haven’t sweated enough to get too chilled when I take it off, just pleasantly warmed!

During my last Marathon I ditched it where the fire truck was blocking traffic so I knew it would go to a good home there too.


A head band and gloves are two more pieces of clothing that keep me “warm enough” at this 40 degree temperature, but usually won’t over- heat me.  And every distance runner knows the gloves can double as a kleenex or whatever else one may need.  Gross but true.


I’ll put on long sleeves if its low 40’s.  They do not need to be thick.  If the wind is blowing, I’ll pick a thicker long sleeve, but nothing arctic.  This is just nice to keep my body temperature steady.  I let my own sweat cool, or not cool me,  and keeps the wind from getting into my core area.


If you must go pants, I think a light Capri Pant that is snug and not floppy would be the way to go.

I have a pair and they get plenty of wash and wears this time of year, when the temp is hanging out in this chill zone sometimes it’s nice just to have a bit more skin covered.


So, pick from what you got, and go a little chilly to start…’ll be happy that you did about 2 miles in.


Groovy Girls Go……..No Matter What the Temperature



6 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Go….Despite the Weather

  1. I find that a “windbreaker” layer can stop you getting cold, without making you too hot. This time of year and the “transition” back to colder temps can be tricky – I was thinking I should make a picture book with outfits for each temp so I can look at it next fall!

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