Groovy Girls Go……..When Its Nothing But Good

Just like there are days that don’t go so well, runners have days when things are just good.  This weekend was that, just good.  From everything to the group run on Saturday morning at the Running Lab, in Brighton, MI where I ran away with a free pair of  Smart Wool socks, to a relaxing recovery and laying out under the clouds afternoon,  to the 10 mile race where things came together and I ran away with a trophy.

In planning my slow roll back to running I am struggling with still needing to heal, wanting to train, and not being able to breathe.  For a good number of us runners, giving ourselves recovery days is just about the hardest thing to do.  In fact while talking about my injury and what I was doing to heal it, my friend Marcus chimed in when I was asked if I had rested it with, “yah, for about half a week on every other day.”  Huh?  What?  I thought I had taken two moths off???

With how many days I layed around on my couch up for debate, I just simply said its hard to rest because its even harder to run when you can’t breathe…..and every runner knows that the road back from an injury is hard-breathing and heavy leggin’.

Heavy breathing is always made easier when you have a good friend to drag you along.  After plans getting changed for my Saturday run, I jogged up to the Running Lab, a local running store in Brighton, MI that was offering not only a group run, but free SmartWool socks.  Since two pair of the socks I have in rotation have extra holes, I figured this was a win-win.  It was great seeing some friends I haven’t in a while, and I knew Martin would be a great *boy* to try and chase!  He didn’t make me chase him, but did push me.  The run was fun, the right amount of tough, and come on……there were free socks!


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