Groovy Girls Go…..Right Along with the Boys

Little Groovy Girls Go…….Up Against the Boys Who Ball

Its no secret I’m all for supporting kids, I’m a Mama and a lower Elementary teacher. I’m excited when my students of classes gone by keep me in their lives. I watch them grow and bloom into beautiful, and possibly the most important, confident children. To support students in allowing them really discover who they are and to be confident in themselves, is probably my most challenging command. Yet, when I’m fortunate enough to see the miracle of self-discovery, and the presence of confidence, I bask in the glow of this goodness.

I have one such little girl, who’s really grown in to so much more. She has an amazing spunk and a fire of determination that doesn’t seem to be easily squeltered. In a time when there’s an amazing abundance of ‘girl power’ we seem to still see many that shy away from their goals or who conform to the magazines and traditional roles. That is of course with the exception of my McKenna. Now, don’t get me wrong! This beautiful, both inside and out, little lady can put on a dress and twirl with the best of them…..but I may just take a peek because there may be a pair of high tops laced up underneath.

She’s a little Groovy Girl with a big story to tell.

Hey Groovy Girls if you want a real challenge, try playing Basketball with all boys; it’s harder than it sounds. Especially when you are also one of the youngest! It all started one day at the Pistons Basketball Camp. This is my third year, but by far the hardest year of all. When you play basketball with girls you don’t really get beat up, but when you play with boys, that’s a different story.

From where I fell to the floor I could see the other team dribbling away with the ball. Still slightly dizzy, I stood back up and ran to catch up with the boys. I almost fell. Feeling panicked because it was the last minute of the game and we were down by 2 points (or one basket). The other team shot the ball and missed; my teammate got the rebound and passed to me! I dribbled quickly down the court to our basket. I shot and made the basket with only 5 seconds left! The game ended with a tie!

The biggest challenge that I had throughout the camp was that the boys fouled a lot more than girls. Through that week I learned how to take a foul. Each day I worked my way through the fouls and other challenges that popped up. At the end of the week I found out my hard work paid off. As I was sitting watching other players get awards, I saw my coach stand up and approach the microphone. To my surprise here is what he said. 

The Most Dedicated Award!!

As I approached Coach to get my award I felt strong and proud of myself for what I did. That day I proved that girls are as good as boys…now Groovy Girls Go…


3 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Go…..Right Along with the Boys

  1. Since the movie didn’t load here is what the coach said, Its not easy being the only girl in an all boys division, and this girl was by far my toughest worker, one of my best players, sure she might have had some guys push her around but she wasn’t afraid to foul and get in there, so I’m gonna give my most dedicated award to Mckenna Wohlfeil!

    • I’m so proud of you! Your story is an inspiration ….. And just the beginning of a life moving in the direction of all you can dream!

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