Groovy Girls Go……Double the Fun

I wonder if there are two pots of gold at the ends of a double rainbow?

image (11)
Guess it’s going to have to stay a mystery since I wasn’t fast enough to get to either in order to find out.
But then again, maybe running is my Pot’o Gold.

When I say that if one is ‘lucky enough……they may be lucky enough’ and I really do mean that.  Sometimes I get so caught up on what I think I want or what I think I should be doing that I loose sight of what I have.  So, seeing a double rainbow, stopping, and not having anything to ‘want for’ as I stop my Tulley Toes in mid-stride, in gratitude, I am reminded that I am ‘lucky enough!’

And so I snap a picture and tweet it to my students.  We’re in the middle of a light unit and had just that day spoke about separating light into color through a prism in order to ‘see the colors’ (a rainbow)……and low and behold the universe heard me teaching and shared with us a natural prism and double rainbow!

image (12)

The double rainbow I shared with my brother Drew as I forced him to pull over on the interstate to get a ‘better view’ back home in the Treasure State

This served as such a magical moment for many of my students and really sparked excitement for the unit at hand!
And a chance for me to share how powerful running can be with a whole new group of kids…..just never know who the next gold medalist may be.  Could be any one of these treasures in my colorful Tulley pack.

Groovy Girls Go……Sometimes Better Lucky Than Good


2 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Go……Double the Fun

  1. I love to take picture of double rainbows too – it always surprises me – and I think it is rather telling – when people comment on other things in the photo rather than the rainbow – they don’t see it! Last time I took one from my car and got a highway sign in the photo – most people commented with – what’s with the sign – my response? You are missing it!

    • Don’t miss “life” ….. and pull over before snapping pictures on the drive 😉 (teasing of course)
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good rainbow shot!

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