Groovy Girls Go…….Ape – Bat – Crazy

The blessing is that I get a chance to tell our story with only tears of gratitude……because its in many ways a happy ending ……… But I also now know, on a very small level, why parents become public service announcements for a cause…… is mine:

Don’t Drink and Drive

This was a happy Saturday filled with friends, scoring soccer goals, runs, lollies, playing, and biking.  I had just come home from the perfect fall-small-town run where I was certain I would post and blog about the right decision to move to a community where I could step out my door and run past a clear creek, kids playing, people out for walks, waves from people who know me as their child’s teacher, sunshine on my face, and the breeze at my back…….

I walked back through my door after running to the sounds of little girl giggles and dancing in the basement.  I sat in as the audience and gave a standing ovation to their performance.

My phone was buzzing from a friend who had opened up their mailbox to find my first published article in a magazine they subscribe to.  I am over-the-moon and reflect on how blessed I am to be seeing my dreams come true….

We all helmet up to bike Montana’s friend home and then go out to dinner to celebrate.  Here’s where the story really starts…..

We are all biking, stopping at all intersections, calling out for the girls to go when the roads are clearly safe, abiding safety rules, and waiting for the flashing crosswalks to signal for us to cross.  And when we do; my heart stops for a second as I scream out for the girls to stop……..

Ill go to my own grave believing that the girl’s guardian angels stepped in front of them to take the impact because that’s the only thing that makes sense.  It’s a moment that won’t allow me to sleep, because its all I see when I close my eyes.
My mom’s comforting message to me was, “Thank God………” And all I can think is yes, thanks to God……….

We all stopped our bikes to wait for the traffic to stop, so we could cross the road.
The car on one side stopped and was patiently waiting.
I waved to the driver in thankful appreciation of her patience.
The other side of traffic wasn’t stopping for the flashing lights so I pulled up to the walk button and pushed it with force in case Montana had just been too delicate.
A woman driving a car stops – both sides are now waiting for us to cross.
I see the second woman smile at us all.

I tell the girls to go.
I scream for the girls to stop.

From across the street I hear another man in a stronger voice bellow out something.  I see Eric get off his bike and wave boldly at the man who has, with reckless abandon, passed the stopped car on their left, crossing double yellow lines, barreling faster than posted speed limits, through the cross walk.  He drives on without even noticing any of this.
For a moment I’m transfixed in the moment, trying to make sense of all of what I have just lived to replay in my mind……
I’m snapped out of my own scared trance when the entire patio of the restaurant erupts with questions if anyone got a license plate number.

It’s then that it dawns on me who I am.
This moment may be the most important race of my life because this person almost just took two little lives and he’s just driving away.

I tell Eric to stay with the girls.
I just had initial intentions to catch up to him and get plate numbers.
He wasn’t slowing down and had a good lead, I pulled up my skirt and quite frankly put the pedal to the metal.  I biked like my life depended on it.  I saw the vehicle turn right, I peddled harder and I turned right.
The vehicle turned left and I pedaled even faster unwilling to let him get out of my sight for long.
It was the last house on the street and the left was actually into their garage where I pulled up just in time to see the man get out, begin closing the garage……………
Holding a beer.

I didn’t have a plan for this and as I got off my bike all I could do was ask the obvious, “Are you drunk?”

If I could have crumpled into a pile right then and there I think I would have.  I’d never have thought in a million lifetimes that this could ever have been my reality……and my ending isn’t even bad.
Words were exchanged and the police were called.
There are witnesses to the reckless moves of the driver crossing the double yellow and barreling through the lit up crosswalk and that may be all the justice he ever gets on paper………but he, God, and I all know the truth.

And the bigger truth is the girls were wrapped up in the arms of their guardian angels because simply enough they’ve still got great things to do with their lives…….

Groovy Girls Go…..Right Back Into The Saddle


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