Groovy Girls Go…..Friday Night, Night Running

Because friends get to run together, in the woods, by the light of the moon.
(And we don’t have to wake up for work! )

The stumps, even on the most familiar of trails, become quite an obstacle after midnight.  It’s a grand way to find a new adventure, close to home.

Fridays may often find people “getting dressed up” for a night out.  My friends and I, in a lot of ways, are no different.  We plan, pick out the just-right outfit, start drinking early, and don’t make plans for early the next day.  No one eaves dropping on a call would have any clue as to what we were really up to, until they drove to the overheard address.  Much to their amusement, they may however find the lights strapped to our foreheads as a long shot from the strobing disco lights they probably were expecting!

My friends and I have exchanged heels for 0 drop shoes, glow sticks for a headlamp, and a gin and tonic for Gatorade.  And quite frankly, ill never trade back.  There’s something liberating in doing something a little ‘out-of-the-norm’ and so, a group of us head out on a local Michigan trail, to log some miles, by the night light of the stars.  It’s a different, and somewhat eerie feeling to take on the trails at night, yet the sights and sounds are so heightened, it just might truly be the best trail running.

Day or night, I still prefer my hands free, so I slug around on my waste a water pack and I strap to my head a coal miner’s looking flashlight devise ~~ I’m ready.  Summer night running is gorgeous because when there is a break in the trees and brush, the stars are blanketing the sky in glitter.  This lit up, glittery dust, makes you want to be no place other in the world, at least for those moments.

Nevertheless, make sure to pick up your feet just a little bit more.  Stay out of the shadows from the light behind you, and drink up;  Gatorade that is.  Get out and run in the dusting glitter of the beautiful night sky, and make it a night to remember!

TGIF can take on a whole new meaning when your drink of choice is Gatorade and your accessories glow!  So, don’t sleep through it, be a part of the night life.

Groovy Girls Go………Into the Dark


4 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Go…..Friday Night, Night Running

  1. And lets not forget the after party…where we drink more Gatorade and talk about the wild animals and snakes that crossed our path during our night out..groovy girls go!

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